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Are you planning to learn and build a career in Android Technology.? Congratulations!! You are at the right place.


Aabasoft Education have the history of developing a bunch of high quality Android developers and Entrepreneurs in its journey to excellence. We provide you an in-depth training in Core Java and Android since both are mutually related like flesh and blood. Young Experienced and energetic trainers will share with you all the tips and tricks along with guiding you through the world of android development and makes you build your own exciting android application in 2 Months. We are specialists in creating plug and play developers to different companies in and around Kerala.

Its our vision to create Industry Ready developers who have that fire in the belly to change the world with technology.

  • Android Developer Covers
  • JAVA

Android Developer Covers

  • Introduction to Android
  • Introduction to Android manifest.xml and their tags
  • UI Designing (Familiarize with all the form widgets and their attributes)
  • Buttons, Toast, Intents, Giving actions to widgets, Dialog box and notifications, Date Picker and Time Picker, Alarm, Tab Layout, Custom dialog-box, Shared-preference, Broadcast Receiver, Services, Back Button, Menu Button, Dynamic Button
  • Database, Cursor, List-view, Content Provider, Dynamic List-view, Map Activity, Geo-Coder, Location Listener, Web View, Telephony
  • Animation, Camera, Bluetooth, Managing Network Connectivity, Wi-Fi, Sensors, Widgets, E-Mail, Media Services, Playing Audios and Videos
  • Background Threads, GET and POST, XML parsing
  • Web-Services
  • Final Project - Your own Android Application


  • Introduction to Java - Overview
  • Statements and their classifications, Selection statements & Iteration Statements, Continue, Break, Modifiers, Classes and Objects, Method and their calling, Constructors, Static members and methods, Outer class and Inner class, Wrapper Class
  • OOPs Concepts, Command Line Arguments, Variable Length Arguments, Special Array Type Arguments, super and this implementations, Method Overloading, Method Overriding, Dynamic Method Dispatching, Interfaces, Abstract Class, Exception Handling
  • Difference between final and finally, Packages, Nested Packages, Example for nested packages, String Operations – String Builder/Buffer, Utility Packages, Reflection, Type Casting (Duck-Typing), Auto-boxing and Un-boxing, Arrays – Single and Multi-dimensional
  • Collection Classes, Collection Interfaces, Array List, List, Linked List, Hash List, Hash Map, Vector Class, File Handling, Event Handling, Adapter Class, Anonymous Inner Class
  • Examples using event handlers and Anonymous Inner class, Thread Lifecycle, Types of threads, Multi-Threading
  • Introduction to JDBC, Database Connectivity steps, JSP – GET, POST
  • SQL Commands
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