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Being in the software development field, we always found a real dearth of programmers in the job market and at the same time several graduates stay jobless. So we have developed this process to create plug and play programmers who can adapt to any project environment without much delay. The basic objective of this program is not train based on a particular syllabus; our aim is to make rookie programmers technically fit from their scattered knowledge of their college syllabus.

We take graduates as programmer trainees, and not as a student. The program duration is 2 months, from day 1 you start working as a programmer, while our experienced developers will give proper guidance along with the basic project development experience in .NET.

  • .NET Developer Covers

.NET Developer Covers

  • Introduction to .NET framework
  • Introduction to visual studio
  • Introduction to c#
  • Console Application, Windows application, Basic Controls, events, events examples, SQL introduction, SQL Statements, OPERTORS Comparison Operators, SQL FUNCTIONS, Sql Constraints primary key , fk , chk , unique, JOINS INNER
  • SQL Data Base Connectivity (ADO.NET), Sql data adapter,sqldatareader,dataset,datatable, GRIDVIEW AND LIST VIEW PRACTICAL SECTION[USING GRIDVIEW STUDENT , REGISTRATION-VIEW ALL DETAILS IN GRIDVIEW], GridView/ListView Using Button, STORED PROCEDURE[SQL] Introduction-Syntax, 3 TIER Introduction, ASP.NET Introduction Introduction,contols,Validation Controls,master page
  • HTML Introduction,basic Tags, CSS Introduction, XML Introduction, AJAX Introduction, JQUERY Introduction, JAVA SCRIPT Introduction, WCF Introduction, WPF Introduction
  • Final project


First Semester

Sub Code Title Credit
MB0038 Management Process & Organization Behavior 4
MB0039 Business Communication 4
MB0040 Statistics for Management 4
MB0041 Financial & Management Accounting 4
MB0042 Managerial Economics 4
MB0043 Human Resource Management 4
Total Cumulative Credits 24

Second Semester

Sub Code Title Credit
MB0044 Production & Operations Management 4
MB0045 Financial Management 4
MB0046 Marketing Management 4
MB0047 Management Information System 4
MB0048 Operations Research 4
MB0049 Project management 4
Total Cumulative Credits 48

Third Semester Core subjects + Specialization Subjects

Sub Code Title Credit
MB0050 Research Methodology 4
MB0051Legal Aspects of Business 4
4 Subjects in area of specialization ( credits each) 4
Project 4
Total Cumulative Credits 72

Fourth Semester Core subjects + Specialization Subjects

Sub Code Title Credit
MB0052 Strategic Management & Business Policy 4
MB0053International Business Management 4
4 Subjects in area of specialization (2 credits each) 4
Project 4
Total Cumulative Credits 100


  • Marketing Management
  • Retail Operations
  • Information systems Management
  • Operations Management
  • Banking Management
  • Project Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Healthcare services Management
  • Finance Management
  • International Business
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